BobMouldSkyPatchI first became acquainted with Tym Guitar pedals during a tour stop in Brisbane, Australia in 2013. Tim brought a limited edition Tymexar St. Paul Distortion pedal to the venue as a gift. Once I returned to the US and spent some time with the pedal, I was very impressed by the craftsmanship and sound quality. It quickly replaced my trusted MXR Distortion+ pedals during the “Beauty & Ruin” recording sessions.

In 2014, Tim designed the “Beauty & Ruin” pedal sold exclusively through Tym Guitars. All the pedals were quickly purchased — as are all of Tim’s custom designs.For the new album, we worked together to design the “Sky Patch” — a slightly modified version of the previous pedals. This limited edition run of the “Sky Patch” pedal comes with a T-shirt featuring the face place artwork. These shirts will not be reproduced beyond this single production run.

With the “Sky Patch”, Tim has updated what I consider to be the best distortion pedal ever — the MXR Distortion+ — into a tighter, fuller, and more focused stomp box. It’s ready for the road, the studio, or the comfort of your own rehearsal space. I hope you appreciate Tim’s work as much as I have over the last three years!

Purchase here.
More info from Guitar World can be found here.

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