Last Friday, February 24th, Bob and his band, (Jason Narducy and Jon Wurster), played Sugar’s COPPER BLUE in its entirety for the first time ever. Read some reviews of the show, below.
“He helped define alternative rock with hardcore/power-pop trios Husker Du and Sugar, but Bob Mould is still the kind of guy who schleps his own equipment before taking a proper entrance. Punk rocker, World Champion Wrestling script writer, autobiographer, and 51-year-old gay San Franciscan, Mould is what the Mickey Rourke character in The Wrestler never could be — an emotionally mature adult who can still play a young man’s game.”

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“On a night that was all about reliving memories, Bob Mould made sure to plant a ringing in the ear of his audience that it won’t soon forget. The fact that there was a guy stationed at the door handing out earplugs offered up an early warning that this wasn’t going to be your typical rock show.”

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